• The BV-206

    The BV-206

    The BV-206 All Terrain vehicle is an unrivalled transporter.

  • Amphibious Capability and Recreational Use

    Amphibious Capability and Recreational Use

    No preparation required. It floats due to the vehicle displacement being greater than the weight, and the tracks propel you up to 4 KPH. Land speeds up to 55 KPH.

  • Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief

    Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief

    You can access areas that wheeled vehicles cannot.

  • Tracks and Under Carriage

    Tracks and Under Carriage

    Rubber reinforced with Kevlar Cord.

  • Vehicle Versatility

    Vehicle Versatility

    You are only limited by your imagination for the use of the rear section.

  • Power Train

    Power Train

    More Than Enough Power.

Vehicle Purpose

Vehicle Purpose

The Hagglunds BV-206 All Terrain Vehicle is an unrivaled transporter, ideal for use wherever regular transport means would fail to pass. The BV-206 is capable of moving across rugged terrains like swamps and bogs. Based on the efficient engineering solution, the BV-206 vehicle is set to withstand any off-road conditions. The track frame enables the vehicle to move easily over roads at a speed of up to 55 km per hour. The BV-206 was originally designed as an amphibious vehicle that is well positioned to easily cross any water areas at a considerable speed.

In the areas where wheeled traction trucks get stuck and steel tracks cause damage to the ground, the BV-206 vehicle proves the optimum choice. The BV-206 makes the impossible possible - climbing hills with a 45° incline is an easy task!. Despite its supreme characteristics, the vehicle is extremely light-weight with the pressure exerted on soil as low as 0.12 kg/cm2 which is half of that of the human footprint.

Carry 17 people or 2 tons of cargo
at speeds of up to 55 KPH on land and 4 KPH in water.



BV-206 vehicles find use in various industries for a broad range of applications. The unique benefit offered by them is the ability to accommodate practically any type equipment at the rear platform. Of special interest is the BV-206 All-Terrain Vehicles for angling and hunting fanciers. Enthusiasts of such recreation will particularly like the BV-206 ATV for its superior cross-country capacity, excellent reliability and fail-safety characteristics, large capacity etc.



The vehicles capabilities are virtually as good as unlimited, since it is set to move where other vehicles fail and to perform functions of specialized facilities, such as pipelayer or crane. The main areas of the All-Terrain Vehicles application include geological exploration works, forest management, transmission lines laying, pipelines construction and maintenance, cargoes delivery, construction, wildfire suppression, rescue works and many others.



The BV-206 vehicle builds on a very beneficial engineering solution on a hinged joint basis. BV-206 is an articulated vehicle mounted on two track rollers. The structure has been in use for more than 20 years and has demonstrated the undoubted advantages of the facilities made on its basis. This is the key feature making BV-206 Elk capable of moving over any landscape type and snow cover and easily crossing river lines.

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